Netmeds invites passionate franchisees, ready to OWN AND OPERATE THEIR OWN BUSINESS, to join its mission to make medicines more available and affordable across the length and breadth of our whole nation!
Why Choose Netmeds Netmeds стало самым признанным именем в фармацевтической промышленности на всей территории Индии. IT-телевидение, цифровая и печатная рекламная кампания сделали его домашним именем и надежной интернет-аптекой. Это-предприятие 100 - летней компании Dadha & amp;, которая распределяла лекарства с 1914. С современными складами и SKU, распространяющимися по городам уровня 2 и уровня 3, Netmeds также выполняет онлайн-заказы на более чем 20 постоянных клиентов lakh и теперь собирается нарушить промышленность еще дальше, создавая организованную сеть "кирпичных и минометных" фирменных магазинов по всей стране, и вы можете быть частью этого взрывного плана роста. Franchise?

Netmeds has become the most recognized name in the pharma industry all over India. It’s multi-crore TV, Digital and Print advertising campaign s have made it a household name and a trusted online pharmacy. It is a venture of 100-year old Dadha & Company that has been dispensing medicines since 1914. With the state-of-the-art warehouses and SKUs spread across tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well, Netmeds fulfils online prescription orders for over 20 lakh regular customers and is now about to disrupt the industry even further by creating an organized chain of ‘brick-and-mortar” branded stores all across the country, and YOU can be a part of this explosive growth plan.

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Netmeds’ pharmacy franchise model is designed to help you start your own pharmacy quickly, efficiently and affordably. With a Netmeds franchise you will enjoy:

  • немедленное признание бренда и вывеска Netmeds, которая будет выделяться из всех других в этом районе / / / 738
  • Location assistance to insure maximum footfall
  • Technology training and operational support
  • помощь в управлении продуктом / / / 741
  • Guidance for licensing and assurance of ongoing compliance
  • Turnkey operation, including SKU/inventory management
Advantage of
Owning A Pharmacy
  • With the retail pharmacy market expected to reach will reach 2,00,000 crores by 2022, it is an attractive investment opportunity 
  • Pharmacy retail is a risk-free and recession-free sector, given the rising demand for pharmaceuticals in both the chronic and acute sectors.
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если вы можете ответить / / / 750 "YES" to the following questions, you are eligible to be a successful Netmeds Franchisee

  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to excel?
  • Are you dedicating to transforming a “start-up ” into the most successful store in your area?
  • Do you have the capacity to invest a minimum of 10 lakh?

If you checked YES three times.... you can expect to hear from us very soon, and you can begin the process of becoming

"your own boss!"

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